Burrow Downs


Welcome to Burrow Downs! We are located about 20 kilometres from the small town of Gunning in New South Wales in Australia, and about an hours drive from our Nations capital, Canberra. With beautiful views of our property and the surrounding farmland we consider this to be our own little piece of heaven. Here is a little bit about us. 

A wildlife haven

On Burrow Downs we believe in living in harmony with our native wildlife.  Here Eagles soar overhead, Hawks patrol our yard for snakes and mice, Lizards such as Shinglebacks and Bearded Dragons live in abundance, Echidnas can be found looking for ants and termites and turtles and frogs inhabit our dams.  We even have a kangaroo or two loose in our top paddock!


Growing our own food

We enjoy growing our own vegetables.  Nothing tastes as good as fresh produce grown naturally and eaten the day you pick it. We use a system of raised beds to grow most of our vegetables. We also grow our own herbs. We are still delveloping our gardens, and there is a lot more work to be done!


Faverolles chickens

The Faverolles is a French breed of chicken used as a utility breed known for their excellent table qualities and superior egg laying during winter months. The French have a dish for which the Faverolles was used exclusively. It is called "Petite Poussin" or "Small Breast." Known to be a quiet bird, they are easy to handle and make excellent chickens for children or suburban back yards.

They are a pretty bird with a beard and muff, feathers on their feet and five toes instead of the usual four. They come in both large fowl and bantam form. Here at Burrow Downs we have the bantam.

The most well known colour is the Salmon. In the Salmon variety, the hen is a completely different colour from the male. Because of this they are often referred to as the 'Peacock of the poultry world'.

For more information on Faverolles see the Faverolles Australia website.

Belgian d'Uccle Bantams

The Belgian Barbu d'Uccle is a true bantam, meaning that it is a breed that only exists in bantam form.  The emergence of the d'Uccle has been accredited to Michel van Gelder who combines existing feather legged European bantams with the Barbu d'Anvers to create what was to be names the Barbu d'Uccle.  these were first exhibited in 1905.

Known for their generally quiet nature and personality plus, these friendly little birds make great pets.  they also come in a wonderful unique range of colours including Mille Fleur and Silver Quail - which are some of the colours here at Burrow Downs.

For more information of Belgian d'Uccle Bantams, see the Belgian Bantam Club of Australia website.

Wiltipoll sheep

At Burrow Downs we have a small flock of Wiltipolls. The Wiltipoll is a prime lamb wool shedding breed developed in Australia. They are a polled version of the Wiltshire Horn.  They shed their short white fleece annually in spring and early summer. They are a hardy 'easy care' breed which are good foragers.  They can handle a wide range of conditions and produce a high quality meat.

* There is no need to shear or crutch
* No jetting, dipping or muelsing required
* Tail docking is optional
* No need to treat with chemicals for fly or lice
* They are resistant to grass seeds
* They will readily remain in their paddock
* Wiltipoll ewes come into season in autumn and lambs are born in spring
* They have a high percentage of multiple births
* Rams will breed all year round and can be crossed with other breeds to create prime lamb
* Unlike other shedding breeds, Wiltipoll are classed as a 'Downs’ breed in the 2010-2012 AWEX code of practice

For more information on the Wiltpoll, see the Australian Wiltipoll Association website.

We currently have some Belgian d'Uccle pullets and cockerels for sale in assorted colours.
Contact me on ph 0412167278 or info@espinay.com for more information

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Our Pyrenean Mountain Dogs enjoy life at Burrow Downs and keep an eye on all our animals.  See the rest of our website for more information on our dogs.